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The quality of child care has a direct impact on children’s ability to build healthy relationships, to learn and otherwise become the best they can be. We have received Tennessee’s Highest Rating for Quality Care – 3 Quality STARS and are always striving to exceed those standards.


Monthly Focus - School Age

Guiding children to experience their world and pursue their interests

Our school-age program includes back-up care for school holidays, school closing days, and summer day camp. We provide school-age children with the opportunity to live, learn and socialize in a relaxed setting outside of school.

We offer a wealth of enrichment activities that engage the interests of school-age children. You may find school-age children creating a magazine, playing chess, tutoring each other or forming a club. During our summer and winter camps, school-age students are exposed to a wide variety of field-trip experiences! Teachers are there alongside, facilitating, guiding and understanding that learning does not have to take on the tone and texture of a school day but rather be filled with fun.

Our Curriculum Components

The building blocks to balanced education:

• Language Works: Tackling homework assignments, reading chapter books, engaging in long, meaningful conversations with teachers and peers.

• Math Counts: Measuring weight, length, and volume, using math to solve problems.

• Science Rocks: Investigating forces of nature, developing hypotheses and conclusions, using computers, magazines, and books to explore the world.

• Art Smart: Studying great artists, individual exploration of performance arts including dance, singing, musical instruments, and drama.

• Our World: Exploring diverse cultures, showing interest in finding solutions to issues of discrimination and injustice, becoming involved in service projects.

• Well Aware: Taking responsibility for a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and healthy eating, participating in extracurricular activities including team sports and dance.