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The quality of child care has a direct impact on children’s ability to build healthy relationships, to learn and otherwise become the best they can be. We have received Tennessee’s Highest Rating for Quality Care – 3 Quality STARS and are always striving to exceed those standards.


Meet our Staff

The teaching staff of All About Kids are selected because they are committed to the highest quality of child care and development needs of every child and chooses working with children as a life choice, not just a job. Our staff members must pass rigorous background checks and are guided by skilled management. Also, In keeping with All About Kids’ standards, we require a higher amount of annual training hours than the State of Tennessee requires. We require yearly assessments of our staff and proactively create a teaching environment for both the children we serve and the teachers we employ. Our enduring commitment to training and supporting our staff means you can be assured that each individual teaching your child is prepared to meet your expectation of excellence. All staff members are also trained by the Red Cross yearly in Infant & Child CPR, First Aid and AED Training.

Our teachers are passionate and enthusiastic about working with young children, and each teacher has his or her own special talent which, when brought together as a whole, makes for a remarkable educational team. Please take a moment to get to know us by reading a little bit about each one of us!


Administrative Staff


Marlisa Osborne Moura – Owner and Director of Center

Marlisa is the heart of All About Kids. Motivated by the need for a quality program for the foster children she was raising; she was successful in opening the center in June of 2006 in hopes of developing a quality program that the other centers might not be fully offering. The overall goal was to have a child care facility that was situated with learning environments that offers quality teachers and materials geared to meet children’s development appropriately. Since the doors opened All About Kids obtained their goal, grown beyond expectations, had to expand to a second building and plans to expand again in the near future.

She holds a degree in Business Management and also an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood. Her philosophy on childcare is that parents are trusting their most prize possession to someone for care and deserve to have the best possible care for affordable prices without worry and stress knowing their child are safe and in good hands. Her philosophy for education and learning is also very simple. She believes "education should be engaging, fun, hands-on, and filled with learning opportunities. Young children deserve to be a part of an environment that is inviting and loving, and believes this is what she has created at All About Kids."
Currently, Marlisa and her husband, Wallace; live in Bristol with their three wonderful sons Robbie, Jacob and Brandon. She loves traveling (especially internationally), beaches, sunsets, waterfalls, photography, and painting.
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Wallace Medeiros de Moura - Asst. Director, Maintenance and Support Staff

Marlisa’s husband, Wallace, also serves in an administrative role at the center. He oversees our website, newsletters, training and other administrative needs along with taking care of our maintenance issues. From time to time you will see him assisting in a classroom with fun projects or filling in for a teacher that has the day off. Wallace was born and raised in Brazil but come to study in the USA in his youth and graduated from highschool in New Jersey. He currently also has a Website Development Company and Photography Business.

Wallace is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. His interests are photography, travel, hiking, camping, animals and just nature of any form.


Teaching Staff

Mysti Stephenson – Infant Teacher

Mysti has worked at All About Kids since November 2010. She currently is our infant teacher and assistant director. She has a calm and gentle spirit about her that soothes the babies and keeps things running smooth. She cares for our children from birth to 18months. The quiet peaceful atmosphere is a pleasant experience for children and parents alike. She loves working with the infants and watching them grow from tiny newborns into little people with personalities.
Her love of children is her life. She and her husband Dwayne have three children, Haley, Issac, Emily & Alyssa, plus they have opened their home to children within the community as foster parents.

Mysti makes the impossible happen! We have been truly blessed by having her part of our team. Mysti loves reading, shopping and doing for others, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

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Ashley Byrd – Toddler Teacher

Ashley has worked in childcare for July 2013 and also spent many years babysitting for family and friends. She graduated from Bristol Tennessee High School in 2012 and currently is enrolled in evening classes at Northeast State University.
Her years of childcare experience shows in her care of the babies and toddlers. She is always on top of every move that is made and who needs what. She sees that an early love of books and the stories they tell help each child develop the building blocks for future educational endeavors and fuels imagination and creativity. Ashley enjoys the joys and challenges of teaching the one and two year olds, and she is still amazed by how much children grow and learn in this stage of their development.
She interest include spending time with her family and friends, the outdoors, shopping, beach and getting to know people.

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Kimberly Dillard – Jump Start Teacher

Kim has been with All About Kids since August 2014 and serves as our younger Preschool (Jumpstart) teacher. She is wonderful at what she does and has a personality that you will never forget once you meet her. She works with all age groups and is always ready to help out whenever and wherever. She is sweet and quiet and always ready to tend to the needs of the children in her care. She is always smiling and happy.

She keeps the whole center smiling with her jolly personality. Kim is very dedicated to her job and it shows in her care of the children. She is always on top of every move that is made and who needs what. If you like a person with a great personality and wonderful sense of humor, you will love Kim as much as each of us and the kids do. Kim lives in Bristol with her husband Mike and their three children TC, Justin and Riley. Her interests are the outdoors, watching her kids play sports and just spending time together as a family.

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Shawna – Preschool Teacher

Shawna has worked in childcare since 2008. She currently is our lead Preschool teacher. She has been TECTA trained and started on her CDA at Northeast State. Her years of childcare experience shows in her care of the children. She is always on top of every move that is made and who needs what. She believes that an early love of books and the stories they tell help each child develop the building blocks for future educational endeavors and fuels imagination and creativity. Shawna enjoys the joys and challenges of teaching children, and she is still amazed by how much children grow and learn in this stage of their development.

Shawna had worked previously with All About Kids but left to pursue a career in banking, but realized her heart was in making difference in children’s lives and we were honored to have her return. Shawna feels that, "I have always known that I wanted to dedicate my life to educating children and I am so excited to live my passion as a part of All About Kids." Shawna lives in Bristol Va, with ther son Brayden. She loves being with family and friends and nothing like a good evening with Netflix.

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Amber Mullins – Preschool Teacher

Amber has been in childcare since 2011 and even had an in home daycare at one time. She graduated from Tricities Christian in 2009. She works in our Preschool Program and has fit into our team just perfectly. Her philosophy on working with young children is that they learn from play. She prefers to use “teachable moments” where children learn through interaction in the moment. When she is working with the children, she likes to do anything involving music, art, or activities outdoors. She believes in learning through hands on activities and curiosity being their guide. She enjoys the sense of family at All About Kids and feels here we are one large family with everyone having the same love for the children. She lives in Bristol with her husband Bradley and their two daughters, Elisabeth and Kaelyn. In her spare time her and the family enjoys spending time with family and friends… being outdoors at the lake and camping along with shopping.

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Daniel Leathers - School Age

Daniel is a native of England and moved to the USA this year. Daniel works full-time in engineering but also volunteers part-time with the center as our School Age Teacher. Daniel being here works out really good… cause he is just one big kid himself. He loves being active with the kids, playing sports, joking around and helping them work on social skills while winding down after a long day at school.

The children love Daniel and many actually look up to him as a great male role model. Daniel also helps around the center with odd jobs that need to be done. He lives in Bristol with his wife Brandee and their three children, Kylee, Tyler “Biggie”, and Braylon.