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The quality of child care has a direct impact on children’s ability to build healthy relationships, to learn and otherwise become the best they can be. We have received Tennessee’s Highest Rating for Quality Care – 3 Quality STARS and are always striving to exceed those standards.


Employee Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is essential to the Company’s efficient operation and is a necessary condition of employment. When employees are absent; ratios and employee responsibilities fall behind, and other employees must assume added workloads.

Employees are expected to report to work as scheduled and on time. If it is impossible to report for work as scheduled, employees must call the office before their starting time. (Office opens at 6:15)  If you are to be at work prior to 7:30 then call Marlisa.       If the absence is to continue beyond the first day, the employee must notify their manager on a daily basis unless otherwise arranged. Calling in is the responsibility of every employee who is absent. Absence without notification is considered a voluntary termination.

Calling in to notify:  Ten minutes prior to your schedules time; you know if you will be late.  If you are not going to make it on time; call the office and let them know your approximate time you will be at work.

Absent All Day More than one week 0
Absent All Day Less than one week 1
Absent All Day Notice day of 1.5
Late More than 5 minutes 0.25
Late More than 15 minutes 0.5
Leave Early Work less than 1/2 shift 1
Leave Early Work more than 1/2 shift 0.5

*If leaving early does not cause hardship with Ratio points might not be given.


Points roll over on 91st business day
Written Notice Given at 4 Pts.
Put on Notice at 5 Pts.
Termination at 6 Pts.