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The quality of child care has a direct impact on children’s ability to build healthy relationships, to learn and otherwise become the best they can be. We have received Tennessee’s Highest Rating for Quality Care – 3 Quality STARS and are always striving to exceed those standards.


Payment Policies


It is our desire to provide the highest quality childcare experience possible at affordable prices.
However, the cost of providing childcare necessitates the payment of fees.


There is a $50.00 Registration Fee upon submitting your child’s application.  Each following year in August there is an Activity Fee of $50.00 due.


Your fees will be contracted in your Fee & Rate Agreement Form.  Fees are to be paid on the Friday before each week of care or the Monday of the week of care.  If it is not received by pick up time on Friday of the week serviced, there will be a $10.00 late fee added to your account and a $5.00 per day fee each day afterwards until the balance is paid in full.  Repeated late payments can result in termination of the Child Care Agreement.

1. If there is a problem, contact us immediately.  We will try to find a way to help you.

2. After the fees are five working days late, you will be notified of the status of your account (fee due, late charges etc…) by way of a payment reminder or a registered letter.

3. If we do not have payment by 10 school days from the date the payment was due your child will be dropped from enrollment and subject to fees and penalties.

4. If your fees are not paid and no payment arrangement has been agreed upon, after 15 school days from when the payment was due, the collecting process will be started.

5. If you choose to withdraw your child from our program you must follow the procedure described under “withdrawal Policy” or incur any additional charges and fees applicable.


Payments for childcare must be paid each week.  If a reason warrants making alternative payments; that must be in approved by the owner & director and will be put into writing to be signed by both parents and/or guardians.  If the alternative arrangement is not followed, your child will be dropped from the roll.  If the outstanding totals are not paid promptly, all available methods of collections will be sought.


We will attempt to keep our prices the same.  But to provide quality Child Care there might have to be increases as the years pass.  All About Kids may change the agreed upon rates by supplying the Parent/Guardian with four weeks written notice.


All checks are to be made payable to All About Kids.  If a check is returned to us for non-sufficient funds or for any reason, you will be required to pay a $25.00 Return Check Fee.  A cash payment of the due fees, as well as the penalty charges incurred is due the following day.  If the bank returns 2 checks, we reserve the right to demand that all future payments be made in the form of cash only.