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Our curriculum is theme based and is followed by all ages of the center each week.  Each teacher takes the current theme and then adapts for their age group developmentally appropriate learning opportunities integrated into all areas of the curriculum.  (Language Development, Math and Science, Critical Thinking, Social Skills, Music, Arts and Crafts, Physical (Fine and Gross Motor), Outside Activities and Readiness Skills and Listening and Following Directions Skills.)


Recent brain research has emphasized the critical importance of the first 5 years that will help determine your child's ability to learn and future success in school. Our staff has been selected for their desire to teach and personal qualities of warmth and sensitivity. They are a key factor in helping your child learn the necessary skills for future school success.


STUDY RESULTS: Theme based units are a vehicle for teaching a range of skills and content by integrating curriculum areas around a topic. This method of teaching links curriculum strands and capitalizes on children’s interests, creating a sense of purpose and community in the classroom. By building on their interests and life experiences, young people’s attitudes, skills and knowledge are developed in meaningful ways. Inquiry and communication are activated by a desire to know more, resulting in enthusiastic participation in the learning process (Diana Mumford, 2000).